Litnk to Missouri Concealed Carry Rsmo 563.011 This chapter covers use of force

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Concealed Carry Classes in Springfield Missouri. Classes are taught by NRA certified instructors and Law Enforcement instructors, Female NRA pistol instructor.  Classes are tailored to suit the students needs and may be scheduled for smaller individual groups and individuals.  

Concealed Carry And Firearms Classes And Training in Springfield Missouri

                 Please call for appointments or information.

 417-459-5376 or 417-459-5215. 

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We will travel to your location for classes providing that you have a safe location for the shooting portion

Mickey's Concealed Carry

Our concealed carry classes are geared to make sure you have the information you need to know while carrying concealed. We cover much more such as;

  • Different levels of holsters and ways to carry.

  • Things you need to know if involved in a shooting.

  • What to expect when you have to confront an assailant with your firearm.

  • What you can expect to happen to yourself when you are in a shoot don’t shoot situation.

Our Intermediate Firearm Classes
We amplify Safety, that is our primary goal in all classes

 We cover realistic shooting scenarios  


  • Moving and shooting

  • Barricade shooting

  •  Sitting and shooting

  •  Firearms retention

  •  Disarming tactics and much more